AdGuard Home detection/integration


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All of my family's Android phones and tablets run AdGuard for Android (AGforA) and at home I also run AdGuard Home (AGH).

The problem I now have is that by using the DNS capability in AGforA to enforce use of secure DNS, when those same devices are connected to my home network, they do not use AGH.

The impact of this is that I can't use some of the cool new service blocking features of AGH of my children's devices in the house to control access without disabling the DNS control in AGforA. Flipside is that if I disable the DNS settings, when they are away from home and on public internet, Wifi Hotspots, friend's WiFi, then they are less secure.

I guess in effect we're looking for network specific DNS settings in the AGforA app so when it connects to your home WiFi then it can be configured to use the DHCP allocated DNS server (i.e. AGH), but for any other network connection, it uses the AGforA configured DNS setting (if enabled).

Not sure if this even possible in Android, but if it is, this would be a great feature to add.


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Frankly, it's difficult to answer, whether it is possible to make such a function.
You can create an issue on GitHub marked with the feature request.
There you can directly get an answer from the developers.