Adguard Home, filter lists advice!


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Hi there everyone,

I recentrly decided to test Adguard Home via Docker in my Synology NAS. Very easy to setup. I have DoH and DoT configured and working great. So congrats to the team for this piece of software.

Now, I don't have full understanding of all this blocking thing, but I do understand that there is no cosmetics to the DNS blocking and that's the job of Windows/Android/Browser apps.

What confuses me is that I can add the same filters (language specific, mobile ads, etc.) to Adguard Home filtering rules. I supose this makes no sense or has no benefit is it ? I supose what does make sense is the simplified domain filter list and alike, right ?

- Are there conflicts between this lists: Adguard Simplified Domain , MVPS, Adaway, Yoyo ? (Apologies if this goes against the rules)
- Is the Adguard domains list enough ?

Improving the wiki with more explenations would be awesome!

Thanks! ;)


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Hello, dear @enr00ted!
I can't definitely recommend any particular filter list.
I think you should get to know the whole list of AdGuard Filters and decide which one should be used.

As for using the SDN filter together with third-party filters. Here we can't say for sure whether it will interfere with correct work because we don't know what rules are introduced by third-party filter developers.
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