AdGuard Home Issue - Unable to access DoT / DoH


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I hope you all are staying safe and doing well amid the current pandemic circumstances, just came across the following issue:

I've setup AdGuard Home on Ubuntu 18.04 over Linode, the setup involves configuration of a sub-domain for the purposes of serving as a hostname and relevant LetsEncryptSSL Certificate has been issued/activated however I am having the following issues:


Setup my hostname as the Private DNS with DoT Enabled in Android 9+ settings for setting up private dns

Setup over the server (through admin interface of AdGuard Home) includes activation of DoT over Hostname and setup of encryption server.


Again, same setup but used the profiles available through AdGuard Home Admin Interface for DoH or DoT (Tried both)

DoH: Works fine but tends to loose connection after few minutes.
DoT: Not functional at all

Furthermore, sometimes the setup would work but when you change network i.e WiFi to LTE/5G and vice versa it would stop working immediately and there is no way for it to restore.

On windows and google chrome DNS over HTTPS appears to work fine without any issues.

Any guidance will be appreciated and apologies for posting here not sure what's the best forum to post this article.

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Closing topic, thanks to this link, just had to disable Ubuntu DNS Server that was interfering, now everything works as expected.