AdGuard Home not showing info for VLANs


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Hey guys,
So I got AdGuard Home setup on a spare Pi, and loving it so far.
But I have 3 networks in my home controlled by pfSense. I set the Pi IP as the DNS server for all networks, and then created a rule allowing traffic on port 53 and 853 to access the Pi. So far so good, all is working.

But on AdGuard home page its not showing any of the stats for anything other than the LAN network its attached to. As in 192.168.1.x - But my 2 other VLANS are not showing anything in AdGuard. There is nothing in Logs, and nothing in dashboard to show these devices have even connected.
Is there a way I can get AdGuard to report on these other IP addresses? I know its serving traffic and its working, just not reporting anything.