AdGuard icon disappeared

The junk that Google puts on their homepage is a nuisance. I messed something up and all the junk I had removed now appears. The big problem is: the Adguard icon is no longer visible either so I can't re-remove the junk. :( Any suggestions?

Actually, there was a still a problem with Google in that I was not able to remove some of the junk on Google's main page. However, I switched to DuckDuckGo browser and Adguard works fine. My guess is, Google has pulled some shenanigans that will not allow any of their 'stuff' to be removed. That would not surprise me in the least.


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@Gareth Thomas Betts it works for me, I can remove any element on Google with Assistant.

I suggest checking your User filter for a rule like

If there is such, delete it. You have probably added to filtering exclusions by accident.