AdGuard + IE11 + Neowin Forums = Issues

Boo Berry

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I've noticed an issue when Adguard's filtering is enabled, in Internet Explorer 11 on Neowin's forums. It seems when using the quick reply feature on a topic you can't successfully embed an image via the Image button on the quick reply toolbar - you can't close the Image Properties dialog with Adguard's filtering enabled. With Adguard's filtering disabled, I can successfully close the Image Properties dialog in IE11.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a Neowin forum account (if you don't have one already) and log into it in Internet Explorer 11.

2) Go to any topic and scroll down to the bottom, the quick reply box should be there.

3) Click inside the quick reply box and the toolbar icons for posting should appear.

4) Click on the Image icon to embed an image in the post (the image icon is left of the <> icon).

5) With the Image Properties dialog open, then try to hit OK or Cancel (doesn't matter if you add an image URL) - the dialog won't close at all.

6) Repeat the test with Adguard's filtering disabled, the dialog should close correctly now.

This *could* potentially affect other functions on the forums with dialogs, like posting links. So it'll need to be looked into - there's nothing in the logs either to report.
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I've done all steps but still cannot reproduce it (IE11).

Could you disable user and experimental filters and check it again?