AdGuard improved DNS speed response with High-Performance IP Network from Vultr!


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I have been testing AdGuard 3.0.2 (157) it’s quite an awesome app. It blocks almost everything and does it super fast as well. One of the things that I had a tough time at the beginning with is public DNS servers like Google and Cloudflare and even Cisco OpenDNS. They have worked but ping was strange I am in NYC and sometimes I would get DNS server from France or Netherlands or Germany or Russia. I mean being here in the USA it’s a ping between 300 to 100 milliseconds. Lately, though my ping improved and I've been getting between 2 to 5 milliseconds. It’s a huge improvement thanks to new High-Performance IP Network from Vultr I looked them up they are providing AdGuard with IP Network that continuously optimizes AdGuard's routing and peering agreements in all of the regions in order to ensure you experience low latency for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic worldwide.
I don't know if anyone noticed but having fast DNS servers is very important for DNS level adblocking and I believe AdGuard nailed it here with dedicated Cloud DNS provider.