Adguard in Portainer - Randomly reset/lost config


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Hey all, I'm running AdGuard in Portainer, with little to no changes in the default configuration other than log and data retention. I've been running it just fine for the last 2-3 weeks with no problems and have even rebooted the machine that it runs on and everything comes up just fine. However, today, it acted like it had just been installed. I'm not sure what caused this, to be honest.

2022/06/14 04:25:23.836250 [info] Updated filter #1.  Rules: 46948 -> 47020
2022/06/15 01:50:51.892002 [info] AdGuard Home, version v0.107.6
2022/06/15 01:50:51.892059 [info] This is the first time AdGuard Home is launched
2022/06/15 01:50:51.892063 [info] Checking if AdGuard Home has necessary permissions
2022/06/15 01:50:51.896614 [info] AdGuard Home can bind to port 53
Is anyone familiar with Portainer and what I might need to change to ensure this doesn't happen again? I'm looking into this myself in the meantime, but wanted to see if anyone else had run into this problem and had a quick fix.

The config and work directories are set as defaults.


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i have the same problem
I think my problem was not explicitly creating volumes for the adguard container within portainer. I've since redeployed the container (duplicated) and defined the required volumes. Seems to be fine now.