Adguard in the news!


According to AdGuard, the massive Monero-mining operation was discovered when ad-blocking plugin developer was fine-tuning its ad blockers to catch and block sites that attempt to hijack web surfers' spare CPU cycles for mining.

"While analyzing the first complaints, we came across several VERY popular websites that secretly use the resources of users' devices for cryptocurrency mining," AdGuard cofounder Andrey Meshkov explained this week.

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Good, the news needs to get around. It's shameful that those sites are running "hidden" miner scripts.


I do agree and to add a second layer of protection I am running PerfectPrivacy VPN with their TrackStop option enabled which also blocks tracking within iOS applications (cf. Adguard VPN).
Great combination with Adguard to "feel" secure!