Adguard injection problem


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I just started using Adguard, and I think it is good and ready to replace my old browser extension, but I found something interesting.

Every time I visit a webpage, some scripts get injected into the browser. The scripts are from and really big.

The first script has a domain which is changing all the time, so this script is going to be loaded in every webpage that has a unique domain.

The second script doesn't have a domain query, but the size is over 1MB (without compression). I bet it is bigger than the overall script size of many webpages.

The third script is async. I don't know what it's for, but the URL says the type is sfbr-script. This particular type of script gets loaded very slowly. It's over 5s in most cases (I'm in China, but I have a VPN on all the time).

I don't know how Adguard works, but I think it's not healthy and should be tackled with.

Boo Berry

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More specifically, the AdGuard Assistant (which adds the AG icon to the webpage, allowing for multiple options), AdGuard Popup Blocker (self-explanatory) and AdGuard Extra (which deals with anti-adblock stuff) scripts.


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I'm totally ok with the injection. I'm just confused by the file size, the necessity of using unique domains and the latency of the last request.