Adguard Interfering with Grammarly Chrome extension.


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(CL 1.4.165) Even if I disable filtering on the web site I am typing a post on, I can't use Grammarly Chrome extension as it pops up and says I am not logged in to Grammarly, even though I am. If I shut Windows Adguard Beta totally off, Grammarly then has no issues, no pop-ups.


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Hello there!

Can you please describe your issue in more detail?
- Which platform and operating system version
- Which version of AdGuard and Grammarly extensions
- Which filters are used
- Is stealth-mode on?


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On my Windows 10 Home 64-bit system AdGuard for Windows version 7.2.2936 CL 1.4.165 (regular Adguard Chrome extension does not cause the same issue, btw). Strealth-mode is on (all default settings, BTW) Grammarly for Chrome Version14.934.0 I have attached the log



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Okay, unchecking Self-destruct of third party cookies under Tracking in Stealmode lets it run. It had been checked with 0 as the setting.


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I would love to see the Venn diagram of AdGuard and products like Grammarly. It’s crazy to me, yet have huge respect for the talent and product of Grammarly. I ask them to name their price for an annual license option that keeps my model out of their sausage machine. They don’t see this market.