AdGuard interfering with Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile


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Device: OnePlus 5

If I tried to make a call with AdGuard and Wi-Fi calling on, it would sound really high-pitched and garbled with no way to understand anything being said. I looked into this and found the solution for what I had to do, but it didn't give specific info for T-Mobile so I thought it would be helpful to post it.

Settings > Low Level Settings > pref.ipv4.routes.excluded
That list already had excluded for T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling, but since I was still experiencing the issue I added the addresses on this page:

I'm not sure which of those fixed my issue, but it doesn't particularly matter to me so I'm leaving them all excluded. Wi-Fi calling works properly for me now with AdGuard enabled. I'm on a company phone plan so not sure if that's what it means by "a corporate network."


Well that sucks. I made a few phone calls yesterday and today on my wifi network and so far they have been clear. The only time I heard garbled speech and cutouts was when my buddy had his phone on hands free.