adguard IOS vs adguard android?


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Hi everyone. I'm currently on android and thinking on switching back to IOS this coming fall. A major decision point for me is how effective is adguard on IOS compared to android. I think i remember years ago when the app might have been kicked out of the apple store and then i think it came back later. So how affective is the ad blocking ability on IOS compared to android? Is it even close or no?


Boo Berry

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AdGuard on iOS is pretty limited compared to the capabilities of AdGuard for Android. Apple locks down the iOS platform pretty well; for example the Safari content blocker is limited to 50,000 rules and AdGuard for iOS uses 6 content blockers for a total limit of 300,000 rules.

There's no such limit on Android. Also AdGuard for iOS can't support specific types of filters whereas it's not an issue on Android.

So no, in my opinion, ad blocking capabilities on iOS isn't anywhere close to Android.