Adguard is blocking domains of my own


I'm not sure to where to post this, but the use of Adguard on IOS/Iphone is resulting in my own domains being blocked. I am a web dev and i create websites obviously. I have a fairly new domain with zero ads being completely blocked by Adguard. I'm not sure how to request a whitelisting for this app or listing in general. The website is adult based and 18+. See the following example:

NSFW! (Works) (Does not work)

For some reason some framework that i use on my website is being blocked. I have some simular websites such as: (Works) (Does not work)

Frankly the first given website carries zero ads or banners; everything is onsite; yet full url's are being blocked for IOS:


A manual whitelisting is'nt an option i think. I'm not sure how to request a whitelisting on this in general since it has zero ads. Any idea?


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If you change the folder name from advert to something different which is not a code for ads, it should work.
Your asking me to change the complete permalink structure, i.e /advertisement/ towards something different. Normally this could cause a serious issue due to any google search / SEO positions; i would have to write a manual 301 rewrite for every url ending with /advertisement and such.