AdGuard Is Fantastic! Purchased A License & Switched From Ad Muncher


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I just wanted to compliment the developer of Ad Guard on the fantastic program you developed. I tried it out for about a week and was very happy with it and purchased a license. Keep up the good work.

I switched from Ad Muncher. It seems the developers have abandoned it. The last update was in 2012 and it doesn't work with IE 11 and HTTPS, among other things. People have complained and they been promising an update for the past year but it hasn't happened. I can't be bothered waiting for them to deliver anymore. Plus, Ad Muncher was always a pain in the ass to configure. To block elements, you have to enter arcane code in its custom filters list. With Adguard, blocking elements is so simple, just select it, preview it, click, and it's done.

I hope you keep up the development of Adguard for many years to come.


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Yes muncher is a dead project though troll jeff and lazy murray will tell you that its still very active to con you and other people out of your money and buy a license. As you said, for years they have promised an update and for years they have said the same bs of that its "coming soon" and you just need to be patient and that its the best thing since sliced bread that works in all browsers yet, its never appeared, its broke and needs to be updated and they are are unable to comment about it other than say "coming soon, this is all we can say".

I personally will not buy another thing they are involved in they have lied to their customers for years and are unwilling to comment but rather like to close topics they dont like and even delete posts (if we can not block ads, we will censor what our customers say) they are two of the worse devs i have ever met if im honest who treat their customers like....

Anyway that's enough about them, yes AdGuard is great so easy to use, i have wrote more filters with AdGuard in the past few months i have used it than i ever did with admuncher over the two years i had a premium license as i found their interface bad, ugly and just a pain to write filters for as for issues with sites you were either told "their website is set up wrong" or "they use https which we do not support but is coming in the next update" if they were unable to block something.

...Yes as you can see im not impressed with the devs of admuncher as they simply do not care and seem to only care about conning more people out of money by telling them their product works and that an update to any issues is coming soon, years later there is nothing but more lies and deception they should be ashamed of themselfs to be honest.