Adguard is getting to be a PITA


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Ads are appearing in Apple Mail, in particular the powerinboxedge ads. When I updated to the latest Mac beta, all of my filters were deleted. I reinstalled and updated them. Yet, those ads are appearing. Was NEVER a problem on the Mac. What's broken, now?

On the bright side, have to hide 1 or 2 ads on FaceCrook, on my iPad, and usually don't see any more ads for that session.


Filters Developer
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Hi. We cannot filter apps as web pages. Some ads loaded from the main domain and cannot be blocked.
Please send report from AdGuard with screenshots, we will check it.


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Sigh, why are you giving me this nonsensical response? Ads have been blocked all along in Apple's Mail app UNTIL LAST WEEK. So, yes, AdGuard does block ads not only in web pages. In fact, mysteriously, the problem has disappeared. I am not seeing powerinboxedge ads in that app, now.