Adguard? Is it something wrong?


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I had that issue in Opera with Adguard extension. Sometimes I got the popup when I opened Opera, or later when I opened a random webpage. Now I don't get the message since I removed Adguard. To add that Adguard is one of the best ad blockers out there. I even use the free version 3.0 nightly on my phone. Even without premium but it has some problems in Opera.

My question is: Am I safe? Was that a false-positive? Can I have it still lurking in my system if not?

Also, what antivirus do most of you guys use, and why? Do I've to check my devices to make sure that this is NOT due to infections!!

As described here (info here is useful to read) which one is preferred for a newbie?
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Hello there!
Regarding Opera:
AdGuard can filter the Opera browser if you don't use the Off-Road mode. Otherwise, the traffic is compressed, so we cannot filter it.

Describe your problem in more detail and send screenshots of the reproduced problem.
Your system may be infected and should be checked for viruses.


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To my knowledge, there is no data compression in Opera for Windows.
This compression exists for the Android versions.