ADGUARD is not blocking Taboola, and carom in Chrome 65


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Hello everyone from the forum, all right?; I'm new around here.
I'd like to take a question.
I'm in the test version of the latest, and the same is not blocking advertisements of Taboola, and the carom, in the browser Chrome 65.

I've cleaned up history, data, cache; uninstalled, and reinstalled; and trouble continues.

Only in Adblock Browser is blocking the Taboola and the carom.

Is Google Chrome favoring these ads full of false information?


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[QUOTE = "UMX, post: 165413, membro: 14808"] Dunno se este é SPAM ...
no caso de não ser o suposto procedimento foi informá-lo para [/ QUOTE]

Olá "UMX" muito obrigado.
Apenas relatei e aguardo a resposta.
Foi uma grande ajuda.