Adguard is not functioning for Ventura

adguard had not functioned in the same way it did, the same kernel mode that is default with adguard is no longer functioning.

adguard will only work in the mode that bypasses firewalls and what not, this is preventing me from upgrading, I have had to roll back as this is the only thing out of dozens of plugins and programs that wont work.
I miss Adguard :(

how long until Ventura release is out

thank you kindly



Staff member
Hello! Please reinstall the app. If it doesn't help, then record logs for us and send them over to

Please, follow the instructions described below:
  • Reproduce the issue.
  • Export logs from Support > Export logs;
  • Send over the logs.
Thank you for the reply, I'm not reinstalling Ventura atm, I upgraded and had to downgrade and reinstall everything , it does not work you need to update it to support the system changes, its nothing to do with specifically my system,

I look forward to seeing the ventura release!