Adguard Mac totally messes up Firefox Mac - HELP

Robert Follis

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I have had to install Firefox 61.0.1 to run a publishing system.

On my Mac Mini with no Adguard everything is fine

On my MacBook with AG 1.5.8 it blocks every website saying "Your Connection is Not Insecure" and insisting that totally valid site certificates are invalid. I can't even log into the Grammarly extension as the page is only partly functional.

Adguard does not show up in the browser window either

Whitelisting sites does not work

Extensive Googling has no answers


Cheers Robert


Robert Follis

New Member
@Robert Follis

This KB article should be interesting for you :)
THANKS so much The Hasagi, that did the trick. Cheers Robert

NOTE accurate path is from the Mac HD Library and not the User library, can be confusing

THIS - ComputerName/MacHD/Library/Application Support/com.adguard.Adguard/NfApiConfiguration/SSL/Adguard Personal CA.cer

NOT THIS /Library/Application Support/com.adguard.Adguard/NfApiConfiguration/SSL/Adguard Perosnal CA.cer