AdGuard--Maximum Protection


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I've been using AdGuard for a few months now. I was using a lot of extensions in my browser along with AdGuard, but I recently realized that I might be limiting my speed using so many extensions. I use the latest version of FireFox and had the following extensions for privacy:

- FF MultiContainer
- Temporary Container
- Auto Cookie Delete
- HTTPS Everywhere

Along with these extensions, I also had Strict Content Blocking enabled. As soon as I disabled these extensions and switched back to Standard Content Blocking, the speed of my browser was amazing! I enabled Stealth Mode in AdGuard because it seemed to have the same features as Auto Cookie Delete--or at least it had the features that I was using. I just wanted to know which options I should enable/disable in Stealth Mode, and I wanted to know more about the tracking parameters option:

- What exactly does it do?
- If I disable it, what's the worst thing that could happen?
- Is there a way to restore the default tracking parameters instead of resetting all of my settings?
- If you use the tracking parameters option, are there any parameters that I should add that aren't included in the default list?
- What adblocking filters do you have enabled?

Thanks in advance!