Adguard Mobile Stats, Blocked Threats & Filter List Effectiveness for Adguard Windows


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Adguard Mobile Stats, Blocked Threats & Filter List Effectiveness for Adguard Windows

1. We should be able to click on "261 Blocked Threats" and see what those Blocked Threats consist of (saved to a permanent log). Clicking on the threats shows a detailed log of which servers, rules and connections were blocked and for what reason, and to which list the rule belongs to. We then know which filters are doing most the work, and whether any ad blocking lists can be disabled or removed.
Based off this information, the user could even create permanent rule in Firewall. Thank you!

2. We should be able to click on "821k Blocked Trackers" or "1.4m Blocked Ads" to see detailed stats for these blocked objects and connections, and which filters they were related to (subscribed and previously subscribed filters). Thank you!

So, maybe you have 3 lists that have no blocked objects - then you can remove the redundant lists. It just offers greater transparency and can better see what needs to be done to optimally configure Adguard.

3. Please add to the Windows edition "Data Saved" (or more accurately, Traffic Saved). This will add greater value for AdGuard where users can see the actual benefit of data that has been saved as a result of utilising AdGuard, in its current configuration. Offers greater transparency. Thank you!

4. Please allow users to change the time period on Windows - e.g. forever, last year, last month, last week, today and custom period. Why? You can then look at the stats for the last week and compare to the week before, since you made major changes to filters, or enabling DNS filtering, or whatever.
Better transparency. Thank you!

5. The integration Adguard extension for browsers does not display the same statistics or information, the regular stand-alone extension does. Obviously this would offer greater transparency.
5a. Please show the number of blocked elements / connections for that page on the extension icon. Thanks
5b. Could you please have the extension tap into the app and display stats for the current browser session please? Adverts / Trackers / Malware / Data Saved? Thank you!

:) Cheers!


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The problem I see with permanent logs is the fact that this would take up lots of storage down the line.

If you open AdGuard's filtering log, you should be able see what's getting blocked.