AdGuard Monitoring the Outgoing SMTP Server of my ISP


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I just noticed AdGuard is checking the SMTP server of my ISP. It showed on the incoming/outgoing graph of my free firewall GlassWire. I had gone there to see if my email was being send which was still in my Outbox. It is still in that box, and does not appear as being send, at least it is not in my (already) Send box. I've tried sending the email a few times already manually, and my mail client has also tried automatically.

Of course this issue might have nothing to do with AdGuard, but I wanted to bring it up.

It must be because I'm not pc savvy enough that I don't understand why AdGuard would monitor the SMTP of my ISP.

Thank you for your kind attention to this.

The email is now send after I awoke my laptop from its hibernation.
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