Adguard not blocking visual ans sound ads on Spotify (France and Italy... and Europe?)


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Hello everyone!
I am usign Adguard on a Mac and using open.spotify on Chrome (or Safari).
I was living in the US and all the ads were blocked (it still would take a few seconds to skip, but anyway I wouldn't see or hear the ad), and now I moved to France and it stopped blocking the ads, I travelled to Italy and wasn't blocking either.
The browser is also much slower, sometimes I have to unable Adblock in order for the page to load.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thank you!


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Is there any chance that you're using VPN alongside the AdGuard ad blocker?

Have you tried updating your AdGuard and Filters? Especially AdGuard Extra extension at AdGuard>Settings>Preferences>Extensions>AdGuard Extra>Gear>Reinstall

Let me know your results.


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Hi! No VPN, int he meantime I installed an additional adblocker for spotify ad only and it seems to work very well... will try this and let you know! thank you so much!

Boo Berry

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Spotify ads aren't blocked by default in AdGuard's products, because Spotify actively bans accounts caught blocking ads (read Spotify's EULA for more information). Because of that, AG doesn't block Spotify ads by default to prevent users from getting banned.