Adguard not working with large hosts files


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When I go to;
- Privacy settings > Add subscription
And add a large hosts file.
Lets say my own;
It loads.. shows the amount of rules (1349860)

But then.. when I go back to slide the Status-slider to ON..
Wifi disconnects, data connection (4G LTE) connects and the VPN logo never shows.

When I go ahead and check my IP address.... I am still connected to my WIFI!
However, when I try to load a blacklisted domain, it still loads.

Im running iOS 12.1.2 on an iPhone SE

I know about the 50k limit safari content blocking rule.
But that should not apply here.

Please elaborate

Boo Berry

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Well, they *can* push updates to the App Store, but have chosen not to do so because pushing an update will mean the system-wide ad blocking local VPN option has to be removed first.

Originally, AG Pro for iOS was going to be discontinued, but they've decided to resume development and add new features, then push that update when the time is right. Right now the system-wide local VPN option is still working, so they're not ready to push an update... yet. They're also looking into alternative options as well, so we'll see what happens.

AG for iOS (the non-Pro version) lacks the local VPN option (as far as I know) so it can be updated at any time.