AdGuard Not Working.


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Adguard for the past few days have completely stopped blocking ads in my Windows 10 lappy. I have no idea how this happen suddenly. It was working fine for so many years. I did nothing to settings or installed any new software, the application is also looking fine. Just not blocking ads. Its stats show similar figure all the time. I'm using the latest version of it. Can anybody of help to me in this case?

I am using the latest version Problem is with all browsers, chrome, Edge, Mozilla. It is just not blocking ads. It ad block stats are same always. This problem has cropped up in past 10 days approx. For years it was working fine.

2) Ads are Not getting blocked in all sites of all sorts. Even forum websites are getting thru.

3.) I'm using it on Windows 10 enterprise insider build 14965. I'm on slow ring.

4.) Yes, I tried installing reinstalling many times. Adguard is Not blocking ads even after disabling WFP driver.

Now my only hope this forum. :)

Thanks :)