Adguard Options Create Family Debate

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With our ad blocking service we get options for DNS (block's certain criteria coming in like a firewall), Proxy's (muddle the outgoing), VPN (directs everything through a tunnel) is how it was understood in our home. Until recently!
Our ISP sent a letter of warning about streaming usage. There is only 1 who does this regularly. Somehow despite the understanding of how all this works & having the main router set up with AdGuard, we have suffered a breach of contract. :eek:
This perception is due to the fact that depending upon what system has AdGuard installed, it's all the same & just work's the same. Since my PC had a Stealth option, which acted like a proxy without actually being 1, it had to be a standard.
Still it got us adult's talking about these extras & what makes them different from the types creating a stir every other website. Personally I believe that only the mobile version offer's a VPN option. Although I doubt Netflix is going to be concerned.
DNS servers might not be logging any information. Or any # of features. Yet if a DNS server is in use & your ISP can write a warning letter, what does that say about that server? If the DNS server in question is from the same service blocking ad's where's the trust? Supplied or offering a link to a server equal the same responsibility for such a letter?
Incorrect programming or misuse obviously would be on the user. Given what these extras are designed to do based on their description, in choosing to use them we expect certain functioning.
Adding to the family debate, it was questioned how the primary purpose is ad blocking yet goes beyond with some functions. Again depending on what system is used. Even by blocking ad's, it's hurting other's by not letting someone else be paid for it. At least that's how the youngest sees it :rolleyes:
I am all for personal choice as to how to protect family & possessions as each deems. Obviously some are easier than other's to explain. When a child explains it back though it has a way to make you pause & ponder it though
Debate or not, protection online SHOULD take priority. This is also amongst the few way's to do it with little effort or interference of personal choice