Adguard PC chrome extension broken [Vivaldi browser]

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  1. Periphery

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    Feb 27, 2018

    Vivaldi's latest snapshot (2.3.1420.4 (Version officielle) (32 bits)) prevents the use of the Adguard PC chrome extension.

    Nothing happens when you click on the deactivation of a site's protection: the page reloads, but no effect, the icon remains blue.

    Same if you want to block an ad: nothing is added in the user filter.

    The temporary solution is to disable the extension: Adguard PC works normally with the internal extension "Adguard assistant".

    I don't know if the problem can be solved on Adguard's side. Can anyone confirm this bug?

    EDIT : I think there is a more appropriate section: please move it to the section dedicated to the chrome extension
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