AdGuard Premium Android, when attempting to look at Apps Management AdGuard turns off


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I have only been using Adguard a few days. I bought the Android and Windows license. I am also using AdGuards DNS through my router.

Everything seems to be working well but in the android app, when I attempt to view Apps Management, I get the green circle starting to spin then AdGuard turns off. I have WatchDog to turn it right back on, which it does. I have of course cleared cache's, restarted my phone, the usual with no difference.
I was able to see the App Management yesterday.

I am using a Moto G6 with Android 9


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Hello there!
Please, install the Nightly version of our app.
Then open AdGuard settings > Advanced > Logging level "Record everything"
Try to reproduce your issue and if the problem persists please send logs in PM :)