AdGuard prevents connection in Archery King


Beta Tester
So I've been working on trying to get ad blocking working for Archery King by ( but even after looking at the logging and unblocking all requests that are getting blocked from the app, I still can't connect to the server upon launching the app. The only way that I'm able to connect is by going into Apps Management and then unchecking Ad Blocking.

Once I do this, I can log in but it will show ads after every event. However, if I leave the game open, go back into Adguard, check Ad Blocking and then stop and restart the HTTPS blocking, I can now remain logged in and all ads are blocked. But once Archery King closes, then it won't be able to log in again without repeating the steps.

Any thoughts on how I can prevent the initial login from being blocked but continue blocking ads within the app? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!