AdGuard Pro for iOS v1.2.1

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New Adguard Pro version is ready to make your web surfing experience better!

v1.2.1 edit: we fixed some bugs of v1.2.0 and updated the translations.

System-wide filtering

We added a completely new feature - System-wide ad blocking. It is capable of filtering traffic of all apps, just like the already-familiar Adguard DNS. The main difference is that system-wide ad blocking does not require you to use any DNS server at all. Filtering is based on the 'Simplified domain names filter' and your whitelist/blacklist settings.

Note: it doesn't matter if 'Simplified domain names filter' is enabled or not in the 'Filters' section. If System-wide ad blocking is enabled, it will be used anyway.

Adguard DNS is still available, of course, as well as several other pre-configured DNS servers and the possibility to set up any custom DNS. To reflect all these changes, there's been done a noticeable change to the app's main menu layout.

User filter

Also, the User for Safari content blocker filter is different now, and by 'different' we mean 'better'! If you are an avid custom rules creator, you know the struggle of inputting rules one by one. Well, now there is one big text field and it's possible to copy&paste a bunch of rules at once.

Size reduction

We have also put a lot of efforts into the reduction of the app's size, and we managed to do a good job at it (or at least we'd like to think so). This is a very big (no pun intended) and important change, which there is surprisingly little to say about. The new size of the application is more than 5 times less than it used to be - ~20Mb instead of ~100Mb. This was achieved strictly by optimization, none of the apps functional was cut. There are literally no drawbacks for the end user.

New translations

We continue to make Adguard more accessible for users all over the world. Some new localizations were added from scratch and others were updated. Now such languages as Chinese Traditional, Portuguese (Brazil), Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian and Croatian are available.

Besides that, some minor issues have been fixed.

You can see everything with your own eyes in the article in our blog.

The full changelog can be found on GitHub.
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