AdGuard Pro (just updated after a year) vs New AdGuard 3.0


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Yes, that's right.
But there should be a 4.0 release soon. which will support system-wide blocking.
Follow the news ;)
do I have to activate something another dns in order to use it? Google DNS won’t block system wide.
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This feature is not supported yet. You need to wait for version 4.0 to be released.


OK now we have AG Po 4 released.
I have both applications on my iPhone (AG Premium 4 ans AG Pro 4)
and after checking both apps I don’t see any difference especially the UI is the same.

So the question remains, what are the differences between both applications? not talking about the pricing model.

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No difference really. The Pro version has all the premium features unlocked by default whereas the non-Pro version needs a license to unlock the premium features.