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As far as I know and heard, what's coming is the AdGuard Sync feature allowing syncing of filters/settings/etc. with either a file, using the main AdGuard site account or the ability to sync everything with Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

In a nutshell, it'll be cross-platform with different kinds of sync options, including iCloud. :)


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Is there any update to an iCloud / Dropbox sync option?

Looks like it’s been in the pipeline a few years.



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I requested in 2016 and rolling into 2019, what’s the current status on the Adguard sync feature for iOS / Mac?

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It'll be added once all AG products (e.g. AG for Windows, AG for Mac and AG for Android) have had the new CoreLibs integrated and all three are in the stable channel. As far as I know, they do have the AdGuard Sync feature done (at least for some AG products) but they've chosen not to roll it out until they've got all the CoreLibs work done.

AG for Android with CoreLibs integrated is mostly done (though the next major v3.0 version is in the nightly channel right now). The next AG for Mac major version (v2.0) with CoreLibs integrated is also in the nightly channel right now. AG for Windows with CoreLibs integrated is being worked on right now too, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was another month or two before it reaches the nightly channel due to bugs. All of them will have to go through the nightly (alpha) > beta > stable channels/phases and it might take a little while to go through each phase of testing until they're considered stable. AG for iOS on the other hand doesn't need CoreLibs, so the sync feature will be added there once the others have been integrated with CoreLibs. I believe the AG browser extensions will also gain the sync feature too, unless I'm mistaken.

So it might be a little while longer, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel now.


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Almost 3 years since I requested, Now that AdGuard v3 iOS is in beta can we get current status updates on iCloud sync and touch ID implementation ? Thanks


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Any update?

It has been open since 2016, most other products can manage some form of sync!

I understand it is complex, but you have been saying that since 2016.

You say it will be implemented in all products, that's great, will it be this year, this decade, this century?

In 2016 you were 'working on it right now'.
In 2018 it was 'It'll be in the upcoming Win and Mac releases, iOS and Android shortly after that.'

It's 2020 now so what is the current state?

(Unless it is supposed to work and mine is broken in which case - help?)
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Hello dear @Cluttered!

There are many objective reasons why we haven't yet added the specified feature to the application.
The fact is that we constantly face various problems that do not cease to require an ASAP solution.

For example, the MAC platform product is being reworked to replace the kernel extension.
Due to a number of restrictions and rules, we couldn't pass a review in AppStore for a long time to release version 4.0. for iOS and now the PRO version is also in line.
As soon as the situation stabilizes we will definitely get back to this feature.

Thank you for staying with us!
Take care of yourself in such an unsettling time!


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By that logic a product once released would NEVER have any changes, new features or updates - as everything would stall everything else. Your situation would never stabilise and you would thus never progress anything.

If it had been a few months or a year then okay fine, that would be an excuse that would have to be accepted. But it has been over FOUR YEARS.

You could almost instantly do user filters, you stated elsewhere that that should be simple and that the filters are the same, I exported them on the Mac and imported on iOS all fine. It would take very little effort to do that automatically, once they are edited, export them to a sync service dropbox/icloud/onedrive/whatever, then once an hour the devices can see if there last sync was older than the file change date, if so import, the logic for collisions is out there.

At least it would be something.

There are thousands of apps that manage to employ synching, Numbers, Textastic, Keyboard Maestro, Calendar, Contacts and that's just the first few icons on my dock. I understand it is complex, but it isn't a new problem, you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

I hope you manage to sort something out, it is a great product and synching is massively important for anyone with more than one device.


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At least for iOS as of version 4.0.1 there are Export and Import buttons, so now you can save it on iCloud for example in order to use on other devices conveniently.


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By the way 1Blocker has had this feature for a while and it's pretty nice to not have to worry about backing up filters or losing everything when moving over to a new computer or reinstalling. I'll be using AdGuard for now because the cookie notification dismiss seems to work better though.