AdGuard problem with all browsers(page does not load)

Joe H

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First of all, I'm sorry that I can't speak English, so I use a translator to write it down.

When searching in the browser only when using AdGuard, it is a symptom of a white screen that has not been loaded or a connection error when accessing the site.
I wanted to record it and attach it, but I couldn't put it in because it occurred irregularly.

What should I do?

It was the same for both release and nightly versions.

cpu : 5800x
mb : asus tuf x570 plus
gpu : 3070
os : Windows 11 release

Only Windows Defender is using the vaccine

keep refreshing it, it will be loaded

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Boo Berry

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Try disabling DNS filtering and/or changing to the beta or nightly update channels and see if the issue still exists there.