AdGuard Road Map


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Good of you to share with us the road ahead.Always good to know where the product is headed for the future.


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I for one would be very interested in Adguard for OSX.

I have read about Adguard at the Wilders Security forums and since WSF is mainly Windows oriented I decided to also register on these forums.:)


23 May 2014 - In this post, we will try to tell you about our plans for this year.
What can we learn about Adguard's Road Map after 6.1 .258.1302 Adguard for Windows? Maybe what's coming for 2017?
Gass :D


Here it is:

As it often happens we missed some deadlines, but this is our plan (more or less:)).
Thank you Avatar, looks like I should really consider subscribing to the Adguard Blog, weigh my reasons against being informed.
Since Adguard wishes to keep the two separate (forum-blog).
Deadlines are only important for serious items, as I'd like the bugs removed before features (new-changed) reach the masses.

Out of curiously how many Women does Adguard employ? You need not name them, just of their numbers. I've seen one mentioned - Daria M.

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@Gass I am not sure if it is politically correct to 'count' women like that, I will just say there are more than just Daria :)
Hi Vasily,
I apologize to all, I meant nothing by my question but to be curious, not meaning to cause labeling or to an instinct of protection.
As far as I have known Adguard was an all male establishment in it's development and web presents.
I was delighted to see what I had once thought was in error. I will drop the line of questioning now.
Sorry if anyone found disrespect, insolence and insult within my actions or speech. :oops:


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I would have a very nice idea I think ... (using proxy or something)
Create a version for the Raspberry-PI (in combination with pi-hole, blocks adsites by DNS among all that can be blocked by DNS ... )