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i would like to test out AdGuard Desktop Software for Windows 10 instead of my browser extensions. Im using ESET Internet Security as my main AntiVirus and im was wondering if its possible to disable HTTPS scanning or like prevent AdGuard from scanning sites for things that ESET Internet Security is already doing. I assume that ESET web protect against threads or unsecure websites is better or at least as good as the one from AdGuard so i dont need AdGuard for that and ESET also uses their own certificate for websites so not sure if i need the AdGuard one. I dont want that both of these programs have problems with each other or get in the way of each other and extremely slow down my browsing experience.

Anys experience with that ? Thanks in advance


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Hello there!

When a browser attempts to connect to a server, AdGuard establishes two secure connections. One to the browser, the other to the site. It is important that the browser "trusts" AdGuard and the connection it creates. To do this, AdGuard generates and installs a special root certificate in the system and, if necessary, in some browsers (for example, Firefox). In this way, AdGuard can see what is happening inside the secure connection and do its job - blocking ads and tracking. That's why it's advisable you install a certificate.

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To add to what Chinaski said, if you don't install AG's certificate you won't be able to filter HTTPS websites with AG for Windows, which these days is the majority of most sites are HTTPS.

In the past there's been incompatibilities with AG for Windows and antivirus applications, like ESET, when they do HTTPS/SSL scanning of websites.


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I disabled HTTPS scanning in ESET Internet Security but will keep it on, in the Adguard.
Otherwise, it won't block ads in Youtube, etc.