AdGuard started to slow chrome down recently


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Approximately 2 weeks ago, my chrome started to be extremely slow, many websites just won't open at all (including reddit, stackoverflow etc.)

See the video: Pages that didn't load in the video:
One thing I observed that is the request did not even make it into the filtering log for the above URLs, I have to keep refreshing until it shows up in the filtering log.

Incognito mode is affected too. Safari is not affected. The moment I disable AdGuard, chrome loads pages instantly. As this happened before I upgraded to Big Sur, I doubt it's caused by the OS.

I have googled for potential causes and tried the following solutions:
  • disabled all chrome extensions
  • unchecked all filters
  • disable all features under Security and Stealth Mode.
  • configure DNS to, and
  • remove all non-default records in /etc/hosts file
  • reset AdGuard
Coming to the support forum is my last resort. Currently I'm using AdGuard AdBlocker which doesn't slow chrome down at all.


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Same issue here. In fact, since Chrome 87 beta, I've noticed these same issues. for a previous ticket I opened. I reverted back to 86, problems went away, but now that 87 is in release, the problems are back.

I believe the issue is related to HTTPS Filtering and the only way to resolve is to completely disable AdGuard HTTPS Filter or AdGuard completely, from the AdGuard app itself.

Issues occur on Catalina and Big Sur and has been an issue since Chrome 87.0.4280.27
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