AdGuard stopped working completely, all of a sudden. Help please.


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So a few hours ago AdGuard just stopped working for me. I've noticed because all of a sudden I wasn't able to load any websites, so I disabled AdGuard protection and then it was loading again.
I haven't done any changes in the settings lately, and AdGuard was working fine non-stop for like 5+ months.
I've tried updating the lists and the app, but nothing. I've tried adding AdGuard as an exception in Windows Defender, that didn't help. Then I uninstalled the app and erased its settings, and reinstalled it. When I enabled the protection again, it was working fine, but then when I imported my previous settings it stopped working again. So it's clearly something within the settings.
So then I tried disabling some settings, but no luck. I wasn't able to discover what it is. Can someone please help me?