AdGuard stopped working on Twitter


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So I installed AdGuard only a few hours ago, and it was working fine on all websites, including Twitter! I went ahead made some custom filter to remove the Who to Follow and Trending bars, worked just fine!

Que like, not even 30 minutes later, AdGuard isn't working on Twitter at all?? Like, I know its still working in general, it fine on every other website, but as soon as I go on Twitter, even the AdGuard assistant icon in the bottom right disappears and those boxes came right back. I can stich between tabs from different websites, the Adguard Assistant is still there, as soon as I got to the Twitter tab, boom, its gone.

Filter those bars from Twitter is basically my primary use for AdBlock... What's going on?


Filters Developer
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@Jake-Bake Twitter developers obfuscate their HTML/CSS-coding, so your User rules might have stopped working after some time. First of all, disable whole User rules module and check if AdGuard is filtering Twitter webpages