AdGuard stopped working

This is really quite odd. AdGuard was working fine yesterday. Today, it just quit. The icon no longer displays in the lower right corner so I can block nothing nor does it display on any of the sites I tested. I even reinstalled the software and it's still not functional. This is the first time this has happen during the time I've been using it.

Any suggestions?


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I have the same problem. the icon is gone and there it doesn't block nothing. PLEASE RESOLVE!


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Mine quits working also. I have to shut Adguard down and restart it to get it working again. This happens frequently.
I've sent the chaps at Adguard several bug reports. They sent me a new installer and that didn't work. So, I wrote again and told them that didn't work wither. They wrote back and said, WHOOPS! our mistake; we sent you an installer for an Android. So they then sent me the "nightly build". It has a slick new interface and contains a whole lot of new features, but it still doesn't work. o_O