AdGuard suddenly won't update filters, check new version and activate my license


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Hi there,

My adguard won't connect to internet to get filters updated and also failed to check new version of adguard. I'm a long time adguard lifetime license holder and never changed host file to block adguard server.

My internet is totally fine and adguard is fully functional except cannot update filters, check new version and activate my license. I think something is blocking adguard's internet access, can someone give me some suggestions?

My OS: windows 10 LTSC with latest update, antivirus: Kaspersky Total Security 2020 (I added Adguard as a trust application and gave full internet access in Kaspersky).



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Even though you said you never changed it, it might be worth double checking your HOSTS file for entries.

Otherwise, could be an antivirus incompatibility.


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Thank you for your reply! I deleted all entries in hosts file, disabled antivirus program, and the problem is still there.

I pinged the license/update server, it seems my computer can talk to the servers.



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Hello there!

First, you should try to completely reinstall the AdGuard app.
It will be better if you use this utility (advanced mode).
Then download the app using this link.
Note: Export settings if necessary.