Adguard + Tor works, but not DNS


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I cant seem to get DNS requests to be resolved by Orbot. Orbot is set as my proxy per the default settings in Adguard.
In Adguard I then tried to manually set a DNS resolver by inputting a new one as: localhost:53 and then localhost:5400 after that wasn't working. (Ofc I changed the settings in Orbot to use 5400 too :p).

Looking in Adguard's logs within the app, I get a LOT of NXDOMAINs. Implying that the routing isn't going to Orbot. non-tor DNS resolvers typically respond with NXDOMAIN if given a .onion address.

Adguard in VPN mode
Orbot not in VPN mode. (but Orbot works 100% when in VPN mode. Including .onion resolution)
Adguard has proxy set as localhost:5400
Orbot is hosting on localhost:5400


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Yes, Im up to speed per that guide. Nothing different than what I was already doing.
By following that guide I can confirm that Tor does work with AdGuard (AdGuard can block, and I can verify that I am on Tor).
What that guide does not do is get you through DNS resolution. So .onion domains never resolve. AdGuard isn't routing to my custom specified localhost:5400 DNS.

.onion domain -> AdGuard -> CloudFlare (

What I need:
.onion domain -> AdGuard -> Tor (9400 port) -> CloudFlare (

But setting up a custom DNS resolver and specifying localhost does not work like it should. In fact, If I completely disable Tor, I am still able to resolve domains. So where is it sending the DNS requests to??


I got into my phone with `adb shell` with busybox and have played arount with iptables and nslookup. I actually can get Orbot to resolve DNS queries for me. So I know Orbot is working as it should.

Thoughts? Ideas?


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Do you set up your own DNS server via AdGuard or the system?