adguard triggering captchas on ebay


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i was wondering if anyone else has any problems with ebay logins requiring captchas and it is linked to adguard?

my problem i suspect and i cant verify it very easy without buying a bunch of unwanted stuff.

the extra login requirement seems to happen when going to buy or place a bid.

extra logins are also required for the adult (porn section) and account security.


I have not noticed AG triggering any captchas on any site. Captchas are generally site specific and are used to restrict access, prevent spam or something like bots trashing a site. I buy woodworking tools and cookware on eBay and have never seen a captcha; don't know about other sections on eBay which may be age restricted.


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i think i found the problem in the base filters there are 5 filters dealing with recaptcha


i turned them off and so far i am not having problems.

i started having problems with the recaptcha not working on spotify technical forums where despite completing the captchas the post would not take.

so i disabled all 5 above filters and then after opening a new window and pasting all the report to the new window (filters changes do not apply to currently open windows) i was able to post and i did not even have to complete a captcha so it looks like google has a fallback captcha.

the latest recaptcha is captchaless where the user is not presented with anything or just a box that you check to say you are not a robot and the verification code runs in the background.

if there should be a failure of the code to execute or the above filters block the captcha's api then the older version of the captcha loads but only partially while the grid of tiles will appear and it will take the input the captcha acts like as if you never did it.

so you folks of adguard may want to remove the above filters from the base filter sets.

i have not bought anything on ebay lately so i am not sure if i will still be asked to complete a captcha there