Adguard VPN Browser extension causing leaking


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Hi, I am posting this hoping you can fix this.

I have Adguard VPN Premium subscription. And I use it via Chrome browser extension on a Windows 11 PC on Brave Browser. I know you can install the Windows 11 app. But I like using it by Browser extension due to simplicity.

I have noticed if I close Brave and have, webpage open on it and Adguard VPN extension running.

When I then reopen Brave I see it is revealing my normal IP, location, DNS, DNS location and everything else. It takes about 5 seconds for the VPN to kick in and start showing what Adguard VPN is set as.

I thought this was just a limitation of VPN browser extensions. However if I have Windscribe VPN browser extension installed on the exact same browser (and obviously Adguards browser extension disabled). And I do the exact same test. This does not happen and straight away it shows the Windscribe VPN IP, DNS and everything else. There are no leaks whatsoever at any time.

Therefore it seems Adguard VPN is leaking through the browser extension when Windscribe is not. Is there anyway you can fix the Chrome browser extension so it does not do this please as it is a major security risk having it leak like this.