AdGuard VPN doesn't disable properly until quotes are added


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Ran into a weird situation:
  • Amazon blocks video streaming with an anti-VPN message when VPN is on (expected)
  • After selecting "Disable VPN on this site," the anti-VPN message goes away and the play button appears (so *some* elements of the VPN are turned off)
  • However, video still won't work, resulting in a "product not purchased" 7035 error after pushing play
  • If I go into the whitelist settings and add quotes around the website ( > ""), now video plays as expected
Basically the VPN's whitelist behavior changes depending on whether there are quotes around the url or not. However, even without quotes, the VPN is off, as evidenced by Amazon's anti-VPN message disappearing. The quotes only affect the ability to play video.

So is there some other component (such as a secondary adblocker) that could be sensitive to quotes around urls and won't whitelist a site unless they're present? And if so, it probably should not be.

I'm using the AdGuard VPN with the Brave browser, and Amazon works fine with Brave shields up, so I don't think that's contributing to the issue, but I guess it could be.