Adguard VPN for Chrome is not working properly


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There are many issues, now I will mention only one: the speed.
It is impossible even to browse - most of the time there is no response at all from the page, though you are promising streaming.
It was working better even with a free connection.
Contacting the support does not deliver anything.
No support at all in solving this so far.
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Boo Berry

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It all depends on which server you're using.

For me (I'm based in the US) the Dallas based server provides me full speed of my internet connection (60 Mbps).


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@yuri10 did you face the same issue on different servers or any specific country server. I suggest you to use a AdGuard VPN extension for Chrome because I am using two different vpn client such as AdGuard and PureVPN and both extension works properly.
Thanks, but it stopped working already for two months and nobody wants to solve this, I contacted them already several times and provided all the info requested. Before it was slow but it was doing its work (when it was working), it has become quicker then, but it does not do the work anymore, I cannot watch the content anymore on prime as the VPN is being detected now.


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I am still having issues of Adguard not blocking any ads on the websites I visit. Even rules I have added do not work on refreshing the exact same page I am on. I purchased Adguard to get rid of the ads and feel cheated.

I've downloaded and entered the code twice and am receiving the exact same issues.