AdGuard VPN freezing when location changed


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Hi all,

I will preface my message by letting you all know that I am NOT a tech savoy person, but I am hoping there is a simple fix for the problem I am having.

This week I started having problems with AdGuard VPN freezing whenever I change the location. Starting early this week, I would get crash report messages whenever I would change the location. The report messages would send and then the program would restart. Since applying an update to my computer this week, the crash report popup no longer shows and now the program just freezes.

I have the program set so that it starts up automatically when I start my computer. It connects me to the Dallas VPN automatically, but when I click on any of the other locations the notification switches to "Connecting" and just sits there. I have tried using control + alt + delete to terminate the program but when I do that the program does not restart. When it hangs like this, I am unable to access any websites and get a security error (although one time I got a 404 message) until I restart my computer.

My next step has been to uninstall the program. When I uninstall the program using the program's uninstall feature, I get an error. When I get that error, I restart my computer and find the program partially uninstalled. I can use the windows uninstall program feature to fully uninstall it, then restart my computer and install it again. When I do this, it starts correctly and connects to Dallas, but when I try to change the location, it freezes again.

Can anyone help me with this or am I just stuck waiting for the software to be updated? Thank you!