Adguard VPN gripes


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Hey there, I’m running both adGuard and adguard VPN on IOS. I love adguard on every platform I’m used it on. I’m TRYING to like AdGuard VPN. It’s just not on the same level of polish and robustness as it’s sister products. I know, I know, it’s just been realest so ill be reasonable. My first frustration was lack of instruction. The user documentation isn’t very thorough and I’m not able to find a setup guide anywhere. Descriptions of various options within the app could be more clear in some instances as well. A basic set up guide would make the process easy. But when running both The ad blocker and the VPN together it’s a must have. One feature I wish it had almost immediately what is an indicator to show me when I connected securely to the VPN. The green bush indicator with the words connected I noticed is sometimes inaccurate. , leaving my IP address exposed. It definitely could be due to an improper configuration on my part. But I’d love Adguard VPN to show me my current IP address instead of visiting a third party website. The VPN is a pretty good app and I love Adguard so I’m looking forward to using future A.G.VPN updates.

One more thing I’m wondering about is the possibility of filtering/whitelisting applications. Discord is giving me trouble when VPN is running. Is it possible to whitelist traffic to/from a specific app?

Thanks, -Caleb