Adguard VPN integrated with Adguard Home


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I couldn`t find here in the forum a session for Adguard VPN/Adguard Home, so I will write it here. If there is a better place please move it there.

I just set up a Rasbperry Pi as an Adguard Home server, then I pointed my DNS to the Adguard Home IP address.

Everything is working fine, however when I connect to the Adguard VPN (using chrome extension), my Adguard Home server is bypassed (what I believe is right) and then the ads starts to appear everywhere. Alternatively I have the option to configure the VPN to use Adguard DNS:

It makes a good job filtering the ads but it is not powerful as the Adguard Home as it lacks configuration.

So, my suggestions to improve that scenario are:
- make it possible to store Adguard Home config in my Adguard Account
- when I`m connected to the Adguard VPN give me the option to choose filtering using my Adguard Home set up that is stored in my account, as a result when I`m connected to the VPN it would apply the same rules that I have configured for Adguard Home instead of the static Adguard DNS rules.

I`m not sure if that`s feasible, but if it is I believe it would be interesting having the option to integrate both services.

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