AdGuard VPN login page jumps to blank


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It is always normal for me to log in to my account when I use the AdGuard VPN browser plug-in. However, I always cannot log in using the AdGuard VPN on the Windows platform. When I enter my account in the software and click Next, I always enter a blank page. Once I suspected that it was the network blocking that made the page unable to open, so I used other VPN software to help me break through the blocking when all network traffic was proxied. But the result is still to enter the blank page. The process of logging in to the AdGuard VPN on the Windows platform using Google account is normal (when I use other VPN programs to help the network). In addition, when I randomly enter an unknown account to log in, the software will jump to the new user registration page. That is to say, there is no problem in the process of registering new users in the AdGuard VPN on the Windows platform. Only the old users have problems in the process of logging in. The version of AdGuard VPN on the Windows platform is the latest version. The system is Windows 10 and keeps updated.



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I had the same issue. So the problem is the Chinese client. Everything got fine after I switched to English version ( I deleted and downloaded Eng one from website, but you can also change it in the setting). For the CN version if you are already signed in it won't be a problem. Only occurs for the new CN users.
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Resolving of this issue is in process. In the nearest time the nightly with the fix will be published. As for now - you can follow the GitHub issue